Contact Management



  • Contact Management database application that is ideal for managing clients and memberships, to name a few.
  • Web-based, thus access to your data from anywhere at any time, when it suits you.
  • Survey Module.
  • SMS Centre Module, which enables you to send E-mail and SMS messages directly from the system.
  • SMS Campaign Module.
  • Advertisement Module.
  • Billing Module.
  • Training and support provided.
  • Features that will soon be available include:
    • Contacts being able to manage their details via user friendly interface.
    • Contacts being able to place advertisements on the website of the club/association via a user friendly interface.


  • Contact database with easy access to individual contact profiles through search or sorting on all the visible columns
  • With Google type search, contacts can be filtered for lists (based on specific contact profile information like age, location etc.)
  • Send E-Mail to contacts found in a search, with warnings for those contacts without e-mail consent.
  • Send/receive SMS’s to/from contacts straight from the system.
  • Simple screen layouts with basic mandatory fields.
  • Includes billing information that is necessary for creating invoices and credit notes.
  • Contacts will soon be able to update their information via the website, once the integration module with the website has been completed.
  • Contacts will also be able to place advertisements on the website, which will only be available to members, once the integration module has been developed.


  • Contacts will have the functionality to upload advertisements on the website that will be available to members only. These will be inserted seamlessly into the database without any capturing.
  • View and update advertisements.
  • View responses to the advertisements.


  • Create and update invoices and credit notes.
  • Functionality to preview invoices/credit notes after they have been created.
  • Only posted invoices are included in the invoice run.
  • Export file available that may be imported in to your accounting system.