• Web-based application, thus access to your data from anywhere at any time, when it suits you.
  • Dashboard Module with built-in Notice Board for all users.
  • Workflow Module.
  • Business Process Module.
  • Competency Analysis Module.
  • Web Portal integration with the necessary management of Candidate logins.
  • Candidates can manage their details via user friendly interface.
  • Advanced automation (like birthday messages etc.), follow-ups and alerts.
  • Create Unlimited Vacancies and “post” them to your career pages and your social media feeds.
  • Easy matching of jobs to potential candidates, using searches based on profile.
  • Send E-Mail and SMS messages from system. (SMS are Bi-Directional)
  • Training and support provided.
  • Sending of Vacancies to Social Media.
    (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Google+.)


The look and feel of the software was designed with ease of use in mind and follows the standard layout of many of the familiar software packages. With minimum input one can now extract information in a variety of reports and functions.

Candidate List


  • Candidate database with easy access to individual candidate profiles through search or sorting on all the visible columns
  • With Google type search, candidates can be filtered for lists (based on specific candidate profile information like age, qualifications, skills etc.)
  • Send E-Mail to candidates found in a search, with warnings for those candidates without e-mail consent.
  • Send/receive SMS’s to/from candidates straight from the system.
  • Simple screen layouts with customizable mandatory fields set by management.
  • Candidate can apply on the website and get inserted seamlessly into the database without any capturing.
  • Tracking tab is very similar to the CRM tab- the only difference between the two is that a job pertaining to a client will be linked to a tracking entry. With this logged, progress reports can be drawn showing the date/time, events/activities that have occurred between the client, vacancy and candidate.
New Candidate


  • Client database for contact management
  • E-Mail clients directly from Eclipse
  • Bi Directional SMS facility available
  • Specify multiple jobs available per client, using the same profile information (like qualifications, skills etc.)

    Client List

  • Easy matching of jobs to potential candidates, using searches based on profile.

    Advanced Search

  • Activity log on activities for Clients and Candidates
  • Track All user activities


  • Setup SMS, E-mail and Document Template(s) to be used in the Business Process

Business Process

  • Define a Business Process for each individual scenario, i.e.:
    • Adding of a new Permanent vacancy
    • Adding of a new Temporary vacancy
    • Adding of a new Contract vacancy
    • Adding of a new Candidate to the system
    • Adding of a new Client to the system
    • Adding of a new Vacancy to the system
  • Once this has been defined, the process will guide users through what to do when one of the above processes has been initiated.


  • Active Candidate Report – Shows all active candidates, with their contact information and relevant profile information
  • All candidate report – Shows all candidates, with their contact information and relevant profile information
  • Candidate follow-up report – Shows all candidates due for follow-up and your relevant notes on the candidate
  • Data analyser report – Checks the integrity of candidate information and will show, for example, all candidates with no age, no salary specified etc.
  • Outdated CV report – Shows all candidates whose CV’s are up for review
  • CV Summary Report – Shows a summary of the candidate profile
  • Recruitment History Report – Shows which candidates were placed at which job (client) per agent with the relevant commissions and salaries.
  • Custom Reports –extra reports will be created after analyzing the customer’s specific needs.
Report List

Office Management

  • Set-up users (consultants) per branch with specific rights to certain functionality
  • Set reminders for each user (consultant) on the network
  • Set individual tasks for each user (consultant) on the network
  • Manage consultant commissions and placement track record through placement report


Prices for training, support and installations available on request