Real Estate

Rocket Realtor


Rocket Realtor is an application for the Real Estate industry. With minimum input and maximum output one can now extract information in a variety of reports and functions from the use of only four forms: The buyer listing, property listing, property activity and the presentation forms. Agents benefit from the system by having increased time out in the field as the amount of time spent on administration is decreased.

The look and feel of the software was designed with ease of use in mind and follows the standard layout of many of the familiar software packagesWe recognise that technology is ever evolving, and therefore position ourselves to incorporate these technologies in such a way that it translates into benefits for your business. Our latest version targets the Microsoft® .NET framework and uses Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Express as the database backend. This greatly improves stability of our products whilst enjoying increased performance.


”Access entire buyer and property portfolios at the stroke of a key.“

The look and feel of the software was designed with ease of use in mind and follows the standard layout of many of the familiar software packages.

The next sections highlight some of the most notable features of the Buyers, Properties, Agency Management, and Sale and presentation modules. Each of these areas offer rich reporting and charting to extract much needed information to run your business.


  • A Buyers database with easy access to individual buyer profiles through search and filter facilities.
  • Data can be filtered for lists of particular buyers (based on specific buyer matching criteria like price range, number of bedrooms, preferred suburb etc.).
  • Matches of buyers to properties, based on matching criteria like price range, number of bedrooms, suburb etc.
  • Categorise buyers according to your own needs or different buyer profiles.
  • Keeps different archives of buyers who have purchased, as well as buyers on hold.
  • Maintain a history of all the properties a buyer has seen (with comments).
  • Keep record of the buyer's agent.
  • Tracking of buyer communications through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - automated actions are recorded automatically.
  • Bulk / Individual e-mailing to buyers (automated record keeping).
  • SMS facility – Send a SMS with applicable property information (or other relevant information) to buyers.
  • Simple screen layouts with colour schemes to highlight important key elements (for example mandatory fields).
  • Link original scanned / saved documentation to the buyer's individual profile.
  • Buyer referral / import system.
  • Web integration - import buyer information from website.
  • Check for Buyer birthdays.
  • Mail merge facility - personalise bulk mail / e-mail with standard pre-defined (customisable) documents.
Buyer List


  • Detailed property database.
  • Data can be filtered for lists of particular properties (based on specific property matching criteria like price range, number of bedrooms, suburb etc.)
  • Matches properties with potential buyers, based on matching criteria.
  • Categories for sellers can be customised according to agency's needs.
  • Keeps the following registers for feedback to the seller:
    • Buyer Register
      Which buyers have seen the property with their comments
    • Show house register
      All show houses for the property
    • Activity Register
      All other activities, like meetings, presentations, valuations etc. done by the agent
    • Advertising Register
      All publications done for the property with cost
    • Agents Comments
      Any comments that the agent might have to keep the seller informed on progress
  • Pictures – up to ten pictures can be linked to each property for presentation purposes.
  • Link original electronic documentation to specific property.
  • SMS facility – Send an SMS to sellers regarding relevant information or send property information to a buyer (automated record keeping).
  • Tracking of seller communications through Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Sales Module – Selling of properties with subsequent updating of records with new owner information.
  • Bulk / Individual e-mailing of information to sellers.
  • Personalised mail merge for e-mails / mail.
Property List


  • A detailed log is kept on all activities in the system, like properties added, property deletion, reports printed, sales, etc.
  • Various management reports available, e.g. overheads, commissions, marketing methods, agent activities etc.
  • Record keeping of CRM activities keeps management updated.

Office Management

  • Setup users (agents) with specific rights to certain functionality within the application.
  • Set reminders for users (agents) on the network.
  • Set individual tasks for users (agents) on the network.
  • Manage Agents commissions and sales track record through sales reports.
  • Open / Closed / Semi-Closed agency configuration for both buyers / properties available – define farming areas and link agents accordingly.



  • Buyers Listing Report – Shows all active buyers, grouped by urgency (High, Medium and Low), with their contact information.
    Sort Options: Surname, Maximum Price and Listing Agent and Suburb (Surname order).
  • Buyers History Report – Shows all the properties that a specific buyer has seen, when and with whom with buyers comments.
  • Buyers Listing by Agent sorted by Maximum Price.


  • Property Listing Reports – Shows all the properties listed and indicates the sole mandates as well as the properties withdrawn, grouped by accommodation type
    Sort Options: Street Name, Listing Price, Agency, Listing Agent and Suburb.
  • Progress Report – Shows all the activities (registers) on a specific property over a date range
    (value added marketing tool for sole mandate clients).
  • Own Sole Mandates – Shows a list of all your own mandates
    Sort Options: Listing Price and Mandate Agent.
  • Other Agencies Sole Mandates – Shows a list of sole mandates of other agencies
    Sort Options: Listing Price and Agency.
  • Progress Report – Feedback to the Seller with all actions regarding his/her property.


  • Sales History (Own) – Shows the sales history of properties sold over a date range
    Sort Options: Selling Agent, Suburb and Sole Mandate Agent.
  • Sales History (Other Agencies) – Shows the sales history of properties sold by other agencies over a date range.
    Sort Options: Selling Agency and Suburb.
  • Sales History (Own) Graph – Shows a graph of properties sold (value) by agents over a specified date range.
  • Sales History (Other) Graph – Shows a graph of properties sold (value) by other agencies over a specified date range.
  • Show house Management Report – Shows all the show houses planned or held over a specified date range with the agents involvement.
  • Advertising Management Report – Shows the advertising expenditure on a specific property or all properties over a specified date range.
  • System Log – Track all activity in the system (properties added, presentations, and reports printed etc.)
  • Buyers Referrals report.
  • Buyer Intro Method Statistics.
  • Show house Brochures – A landscape printout of the property features with photograph for use as show house brochure (entire portfolio).
  • Detailed property features.
  • Synopsis’s – A printout of the property features with photograph/s, to give to the potential buyer or for use in window display (entire portfolio).
Report Viewer Property Synopsis Report


  • Give a professional presentation to your potential buyer based on his/her or agent's matching criteria, whilst the system keeps track which properties the buyer has previously viewed, updates new properties to view, prints appointment register for agent, prints synopsis and property features for client copy.
  • Auto pilot function for automatic looped presentation of entire or selected property portfolio, for use in exhibitions or window display.
  • Customisable to allow for “injecting” ad / logo of agency in between property pictures when on auto pilot.
  • View all photos and features of the property.
  • A property can be short listed so that the buyer can have a print-out of which properties he would like to see.
  • Appointment register for agent of short listed properties can be printed out to take with and make notes for capturing comments later.
  • Various layouts available for presentation format.
  • Marketing reports can be printed straight from presentation module.
  • Touch screen setup is available and can be custom designed to fit in with your company logo colour scheme.


  • Complete sales module with agents and other commissions. Commissions are calculated automatically according to basic structure and can be streamlined by further dividing into different categories and types of commissions.
  • Sales record is updated on property and buyer profile.
  • New owner information can be automatically updated.
  • Detailed sale information captured with each sale.
  • Wide variety of sales/commission reports available.