Temp Care


Are you in the business of temporary recruitment (i.e. labour broking, temp desk, nursing agency etc.) and struggling with the endless amount of administration in doing your Payroll or invoicing your clients? If your answer is “Yes”, then this is the product for you.

TempCare was developed through working with well-established employment agencies, as well as analysing UK and US based software. The end result is a streamlined package that caters for all the most popular features of temporary recruitment.


The look and feel of the software was designed with ease of use in mind and follows the standard layout of many of the familiar software packages. With minimum input one can now extrapolate information in a variety of reports and functions.



  • Manage Candidates (Add, Update and Delete)
  • Organise candidates in different folders
  • Set Candidate Availability
  • Candidate Detailed Search (Example availability, Qualifications, Category etc. or per specific vacancy)
  • Candidate Quick search (Firstname, Lastname, Category etc.)
  • Book Candidates
  • Keep track of candidate activities (Phone calls, E-Mails, etc.)
  • Keep SANC Receipt history (For the Nursing Industry)
  • Specify preferred Clients for Candidate
  • Unlimited notes per candidate


  • Manage Clients (Add, Update and Delete)
  • Organise clients in different folders
  • Manage client vacancies
  • Link client to a rate templates (Specify rate per hour)
  • Manage commission percentage per qualification
  • Manage invoice template per client (4 available)
  • Manage unlimited contacts per client
  • Manage departments
  • Keep track of client activities (Phone calls, E-Mails, etc.)
  • Unlimited notes per client
  • Link Users to Clients


  • Unlimited vacancies can be created per client
  • Linked users can be informed when a new vacancy has been added by means of a pop-up

Calendar and Bookings:

  • Manage a candidate's calendar
  • Set availability for weeks in advance (Bulk Manage)
  • Do bookings for weeks in advance (Bulk Bookings)
  • Update or delete bookings and/or re-open vacancies.
  • Complete the Booking Details by filling a Vacancy or do manual Booking


Integration with Mobi website:

  • TempCare can now integrate seamlessly with the TempCare Mobi Website
  • Candidates can visit this website from their cell phones to update their availability and/or to view their bookings that was made by the Agency in TempCare.
  • Payslips will also be made available on this Mobi site in the near future.

SMS Messenger:

  • Send and Receive sms's to your candidates from TempCare
  • Send ad hoc sms's to any cell number
  • Send welcome sms when new candidate is captured
  • Create standard sms templates to be send
  • Send vacancy updates to candidates


  • Create Tasks and assign to users
  • Create Reminders and assign to users


  • Capture Timesheets per client
  • Alter captured timesheets until posted
  • Do payroll run per payment frequency (weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Select specific candidates to pay
  • Generate payroll report
  • Generate Export files for VIP import (Employee master file and Jobcosting batch)
  • Includes Corrections (Overpaid and Underpaid)


  • Do invoice run for selected clients (will include posted timesheets)
  • Proforma Invoices will be created that can be altered until posted
  • Create manual invoices and credit notes
  • Receive payments from clients
  • Produce statements

Pastel Integration:

  • No need to re-capture invoices manually in Pastel
  • Export invoices as one of the Posting Options and Import into Pastel as batch.
Pastel Integration

Word Template Designer:

  • Create Word Templates/Letters in TempCare by means of tags
    <<firstname>> <<lastname>> etc.
  • These tags will then automatically be populated with the selected candidates' details once the document is generated.
  • Save Templates for future use
Template Designer


  • Standard report that is exportable to PDF, Word and Excel
  • Activity per User
  • Bookings per User
  • Booking per Candidate
  • Booking per Client
  • Candidate List
  • Candidate Postal Addresses
  • Candidate SANC Receipts
  • Client Vacancy
  • User Summary
  • Captured Timesheet per User
  • Timesheet Detail per Candidate
  • Processed Payment Detail per Payroll Run
  • Candidate Payment Advice
  • And many more.


  • The following can be configured
  • Activity Types
  • Candidate Category
  • Client Folder
  • Paying Hours
  • Payment Frequency
  • Public Holidays
  • Qualifications
  • Rate Templates
  • Rate Template Overrides
  • Shift
  • Shift Type
  • Users and User Rights


  • Application event log will log activities performed by users on the system
  • Backup and Restore to take data away on a laptop after hours
  • SMS Booking notification

Want to know more?

Please contact us on 021 8512020 or e-mail to arrange a free demonstration.