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SilverSky's AlumNet Cloud-Based Software is currently regarded as the number 1 choice for alumni organisations in South Africa and is fast expanding to the rest of the world. With a wealth of knowledge in starting and running a successful alumni, we have built AlumNet that will address your specific alumni needs but ultimately assist with communication, engagement and unlocking of value.

  • Web Portal

  • Referrals

  • Subscriptions

  • Newsletters

  • Calendar

  • Share Media

  • E-Mail

  • SMS (Bi-Directional)

  • Phone Apps

  • Social Media Integration

  • Networking

  • Mentorship

  • Forum Discussions

  • Promote Business

  • Voting (Coming soon)

  • Promote Events

  • E-Tickets

  • Donations

  • Online Shop

  • Online Auctions

  • Sponsorships

Choose the best Solution for You


Ideal for existing and functional alumni organisations.


SilverSky will assist you with AlumNet implementation, data conversion and training. The client then operates the system themselves, but we are always at hand for additional support and training.


Ideal for a start-up or growing alumni that requires additional resource to get them off the ground.

An optional add-on service to the Self-Drive option where SilverSky supply an admin function to assist you in the daily operations of the solution. This includes monthly planning sessions and feedback reporting.


Ideal for a start-up or growing alumni that needs guidance.


Tap into our wealth of knowledge in starting or growing your Alumni. This includes an audit of your current situations with an action plan which includes structure, strategy and operations.