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After 20 years in the business of supplying various technology solutions across the globe, we have finally reached a place where we focus on making a difference to communities.

Every single staff member of SilverSky is involved in some sort of community organisation and making a difference by helping others. The passion is therefore part of our DNA.


Professional Software Solutions


SilverSky combines experience, passion and technology to enable communities to communicate, engage and unlock value. Whether your community is an Alumni, Supporters Club, Charity or a Business community, SilverSky can assist.


Over the years we have developed quite a few solutions that we resell and support. This includes:

  • MemberNet

  • Tootix

  • Eclipse

  • TempCare

  • Realtime


Over the last 20 years we have developed numerous solutions to solve business problems. We have supplied solutions in Recruitment, Labour Broking, Manufacturing, Retail and Services and our solutions includes Communication, Workflow, ERP, CRM, IoT, E-Commerce, Bots, Integration to name but a few.